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Museums on the Air – Skelmorlie Secret Bunker

Having operated from the bunker in 2019 on HF, in 2020 EARS are set to operate from the Skelmorlie Secret Bunker again, this time with the call-sign GB2ROC, “Royal Observer Corps” on the 3rd and 4th weeks of June as part of the International Museums Weekends programme, see In the early stage of planning we are… Read More »

EARS Special Event station GB2GVC

In September 2019 we set up the Special Event Station GB2GVC, in support of the Garnock Valley Carves chainsaw carving spectacular. We were supported by Tennamast who provided the tower for the main HF antenna, thanks Calum! We had a great weekend and contacted many Field Day contest stations, as well some DX into Canada,… Read More »

EARS participate in GB2CW programme

In June 2019 morse practice transmissions commenced from the EARS club using the GB2CW call sign. Morse is sent at a variety of speeds and includes plain text, numbers and mock QSOs. Typically a 30 min session will include 5wpm, 8 wpm, 12 wpm and 14wpm sections The frequency will be the GB2CW standard on 2m @… Read More »

International Marconi Day

On Saturday 27th April we “chased” International Marconi Day stations Despite poor band conditions during our operating window we did manage 15 or so QSO’s, including the organising station and K3S in the US. The team had a great time and a bit of fun along the way. We set up a second HF operating… Read More »

Update on shack and antennas

We have recently added a second operating position, primarily for VHF/UHF operations, in addition to our main fixed operating station. A non-working wire dipole has been replaced with another multi-band HF vertical in readiness for the afternoon session of International Marconi Day.