EARS Special Event station GB2GVC

By | 19/01/2020

In September 2019 we set up the Special Event Station GB2GVC, in support of the Garnock Valley Carves chainsaw carving spectacular.


We were supported by Tennamast who provided the tower for the main HF antenna, thanks Calum!

We had a great weekend and contacted many Field Day contest stations, as well some DX into Canada, Israel and Brazil notably.

The team want to thank everyone with whom we had a contact, the day was a great success…..one activity that we got from a club featured in Radcom was very well received…a lot of kids went away with a Certificate of Acheivement, awarded when they managed to send thier name in code.

A few pictures of the station….assembling the Hexbeam




Getting the Hexbeam in the air…ably assisted by an enthusiastic youngster

Then the dipole and 6m/2m/70cms beam

And finally we get power into the shack via a Steam Traction Engine…thanks to George and Jamie!

We plan to attend again in 2020 on Saturday 12th September


A few pics of the carving too….simply spectacular