Monthly Archives: March 2014

Member’s Email Issue

A recent email issue was the result of an ‘infection’ received and passed on initially by GM1SXX (Al). It has propagated via ‘bogus’ emails containing  a link. Do NOT click on the link. When activated this malware automatically emails everyone on your contact list. GM1SXX has cleared the issue on his machine now.  Everyone who has received one of the… Read More »

PSK31 Receiver Project: Testing

Testing of the PSK31 Receiver has shown that the audio output section is satisfactory. White noise is clearly heard on headphones inserted in the output jack socket. The level is easily controlled by preset resistor R8, the gain control for IC2 (LM386) [1] . With an antenna connected to the board however the PSK31 tones were not… Read More »

PSK31 Receiver Project

The RSGB 20m PSK31 Centenary Receiver Project is nearing completion now. MM6LKG (Arthur) has completed the build. Testing is underway . This project forms part of the practical assessment for MM6LKG’s Intermediate License training. The completed board is shown below. An update on the project will follow soon.