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Recent ‘Spam’ Posts

We noticed some recent Posts on this site which clearly were not made by anyone associated with the Elderslie Amateur Radio Society. Those posts have now been deleted and we have taken steps to reduce the likelihood of any more being added. The EARS management committee apologies for any confusion or inconvenience caused by this… Read More »

EARS participate in GB2CW programme

In June 2019 morse practice transmissions commenced from the EARS club using the GB2CW call sign. Morse is sent at a variety of speeds and includes plain text, numbers and mock QSOs. Typically a 30 min session will include 5wpm, 8 wpm, 12 wpm and 14wpm sections The frequency will be the GB2CW standard on 2m @… Read More »

Member’s Email Issue

A recent email issue was the result of an ‘infection’ received and passed on initially by GM1SXX (Al). It has propagated via ‘bogus’ emails containing  a link. Do NOT click on the link. When activated this malware automatically emails everyone on your contact list. GM1SXX has cleared the issue on his machine now.  Everyone who has received one of the… Read More »