Member’s Email Issue

By | 15/03/2014

A recent email issue was the result of an ‘infection’ received and passed on initially by GM1SXX (Al). It has propagated via ‘bogus’ emails containing  a link. Do NOT click on the link. When activated this malware automatically emails everyone on your contact list. GM1SXX has cleared the issue on his machine now.  Everyone who has received one of the ‘bogus’ emails needs to remove the malware to stop it spreading. GM1SXX recommends downloading and running the free version of ‘Malware Bytes’. This detects and deletes the malware programs on you system. Standard anti-virus applications do not do this. He also recommends that your Internet Browser is set to automatically delete all temporary files. The location for these files is where the malware is stored. For users of Microsoft Internet Explorer the settings can be changed using ‘Tools’ on the menu bar (see below).

Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab
Scroll down to Security’ then tick the box for ‘Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed’

The URL for the free version of Malware Bytes is given below. (This is not an active link. Copy and paste into your browser.)